“I came to Brian for instruction and motivation. Over the course of 6 months, he provided both to me.  I now know the proper way to use weights to prevent injury and how to combine weight training and cardio to obtain the results I desire from my body. Brian and I have also talked about nutrition, and a few small changes in my diet have helped put me closer to my goals. It’s been hard work, but I am stronger, healthier and happier.” -Anna Swain, 27

“I have struggled with weight issues my entire adult life, drifting in and out of diets, starting and quitting programs, and watching my weight swing high and low with my emotions. Training with Brian has helped me to shake things up a bit, and to break with some bad habits. Brian taught me how to challenge myself by setting reasonable goals; how to celebrate my victories and how to push through my failures. I am a middle aged work in progress and fitness is my new hobby. Thanks, Brian.” -Vidonia Smith, 53